This page offers a comprehensive overview of Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 329, proposed by Craig Raw, creator of Sparrow Wallet. Below, you'll find information about the current status and adoption progress, highlighting the significance of this proposal.

Overview of Compatible Wallets

Export Import Notes
BlueWallet GitHub issue #5272
Bull Bitcoin Mobile Released in v0.1.96
Electrum GitHub PR #8614, open
Envoy Released in v1.4
JoinMarket Using JoinMarket Log Parser
Keeper UI needed for import/export
Mutiny Wallet
Samourai Wallet Code exists, needs UI, coming soon
Sentinel Code exists, needs UI
Sparrow Wallet
Trezor Suite GitHub issue #7406
Wasabi GitHub discussion #9980

Compatible Products and Services

Export Import Source
BTCPay Server GitHub PR #4799, merged
Labelbase GitHub

Programming Resources

Export Import Source
python-bip329 GitHub, PyPI
The Bitcoin Dev Kit (BDK) GitHub issue #848